What C.A.N. Does

For all those abused or impacted by abuse by clergy, as children or adults, we C.A.N.

Objectives of the Association

To provide support and advocacy for survivors of abuse in religious contexts and their families.

To engage with survivors and their families with understanding and empathy. C.A.N. is a network of trauma-informed volunteers who share the experience of being impacted by abuse by clergy or lay workers in religious contexts.

To liaise with police, church organisations, and providers of trauma services to make appropriate professional referrals for survivors or their family members.

To provide opportunities for survivors and their families to meet with others affected by abuse in religious contexts, including by holding regular ‘morning teas’. Living with trauma and its impacts can be confusing, isolating and alienating, C.A.N. seeks to offer opportunities to ameliorate those consequences of clerical abuse.

Objectives of the Association

To advocate for improved responses to people and communities adversely affected by abuse in religious contexts.

To engage in proactive and constructive conversations with religious institutions to generate a better understanding of living with the aftermath of clergy abuse.

To organise activities related to trauma-recovery, including meditation, art therapy, and talks of general interest.

To liaise with church healing and support workers in the Newcastle / Hunter region to ensure appropriate referrals for support services and community engagement.

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